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About Us

The Collier Residential Program, composed of Collier Group Home and Collier House, provides vulnerable young women with a safe environment where they are provided with opportunities that lead to growth, lasting change, and fulfillment. Collier Group Home, located in Red Bank, serves ten teenage girls ages 13 to 18. Collier House, located in Keyport, is a safe haven for five young women, ages 16 to 21.

Residents in both homes are in desperate need of safe housing, in-depth counseling. These adolescent girls and young women come to Collier with various significant behavioral and mental health issues resulting from trauma. Both homes are staffed 24-hours a day by highly trained mental health and social work professionals who guide the residents in the long-term process of developing the essential skills for success in education, employment, and ultimately, independent living.

At the heart of the Collier Residential Program is a belief in the inherent worth of the individual and a belief in the capacity for personal change. This belief is lived out by providing a nurturing and therapeutic environment where our adolescent girls and young women can put forth their best efforts to realize their hopes and dreams and develop their personal and professional goals while working toward self-sufficiency and independence.


Collier helped me through my storm so I could see the light of my bright future, and the strong independent woman that I've become. They lifted me up when depression and anxiety were weighing heavy on me. I'm very blessed to be a part of this family that I can always call "home."          

                                                             --Bre, Former Collier Group Home Resident

Maureen Kale MA
Director of Residential Programs