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Collier House

Each resident receives individual instruction to ensure her competency in life skills, computers, money management, and employment. Each resident is expected to work and/or continue her education. They are encouraged to participate in community activities, socialize with friends and enjoy a variety of planned social and recreational activities. Connections with family members and other meaningful adults are encouraged and fostered.

In addition to their employment or educational progress, residents will participate in a formalized life skills training program to address the following areas:

  • Money management

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Search for permanent housing

  • Food preparation

  • Use of community resources

  • Personal hygiene

  • Permanent employment

  • Medical/Health care

  • Legal skills

  • Parenting techniques



Candidates are referred to Collier House through the New Jersey State Department of Children and Families, Monmouth County Division of Social Services, Care Management Organizations, Youth Case Management, and Basic Center Shelters. Candidates may also be identified by community providers, mental health professionals, residential programs, schools, and others.

A referral packet should contain:

  • Social History

  • Mental Health Evaluation (if applicable)

  • Complete Health History

  • Birth Certificate

  • Social Security Card

An intake interview will be scheduled to allow the candidate to view the program and determine if placement in the program is appropriate. For more information regarding the referral and intake process, please contact the Program Manager at 732-264-3222.

Download the Collier House Referral Form here


Resident Information:

Collier House, located in Keyport, New Jersey, is a program for five young women, ages 18-21, who are homeless or transitioning from the foster care system. The program helps young women develop the skills they need to live healthy, self-sufficient, and productive lives.