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Sanctuary Toolkit

While each facet of the Sanctuary Model includes a tool to be used in its implementation, there are several key tools that are used most universally:


Community Meetings

Community Meetings are a tool to bring groups of people together and allow an opportunity to take the pulse of the group.  It is not a therapy group, but a short check-in to connect with others and identify issues that may support or impede your work together.


Safety Plans

A Safety Plan is a list of activities that a person can choose when feeling overwhelmed so that she/he can avoid engaging in unsafe behavior.  Safety plans are a visual and concrete reminder for both staff and residents about the need to manage one's emotions in order to keep themselves and others safe. 


Red Flag Meetings

Red Flag Meetings are reviews held to address critical incidents and can be called by anyone in the community (including residents).  These are short meetings in which most of the focus is on developing solutions rather than focusing on describing the problem or story-telling.


Self-Care Plans

Self-Care Plans are different from Safety Plans in that they are to be practiced regularly and proactively, rather than as an "in-the-moment" intervention.  These plans should address the personal, professional, organizational, and social health of the individual.


Annmarie DeRosa, LSW
Social Worker
Collier Group Home